Information for Rio Tinto (ASX: RIO) Shareholders: Off-Market Share Buy-Back

On Friday 22 September 2017, Rio Tinto (ASX: RIO) announced a $2.5 billion share buy-back of which A$700 million will be an off-market share buy-back. Please note that the following information relates only to the off-market share buy-back.

The terms and conditions of the buy-back will be set out in the tender booklet to be distributed to shareholders in early October 2017.

How to participate in the Buy-Back

Shareholders who wish to participate in the off-market share buy-back will be able to submit their tender form from Wednesday 11 October 2017 through one of the following methods:

1. Tender online

  • Tendering online is the most effective way of ensuring your clients’ Tender is received by the Closing Date, 7pm (Melbourne time) Friday, 10 November 2017. To submit a Tender online log in to and follow the instructions.

2. Tender form

  • Your clients’ personalised Tender Form can be found at the back of their Tender Booklet sent to them in early October. Your clients should complete, sign and return their form as per the instructions on the form. Their completed form should be returned by the Closing Date, Friday, 10 November 2017 using one of the below options:
    • Clients with Issuer sponsored RIO holdings:
      (Indicated by a Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) located in the top right hand corner of your personalised Tender Form)
      • Return the completed form to the share registry using the reply paid envelope provided. Forms must be received by the share registry no later than the Closing Date, Friday 10 November 2017.
    • Clients with CHESS sponsored RIO holdings:
      • Email – Scan a copy of the completed buy-back form and email to us
      • Post – Post the completed form to us

        To ensure we have sufficient time to process all tender requests, forms must be received by us no later than 4pm on the Closing Date, Friday 10 November 2017.

3. Tender via phone (CHESS sponsored clients only)

  • Your client can call us before 4pm on the Closing Date, Friday 10 November 2017 and we’ll accept their buy-back tender over the phone.

Need more information?

For further information or clarity on any of the above, please visit the Rio Tinto website, contact the Rio Tinto Shareholder Helpline on +61 1800 813 292, or contact us.

Please note:

If tendering, please ensure that you only use one of the methods to avoid duplications. Any shareholder who holds 75 Shares or less at the Record Date may only tender all, but not some, of their Shares under the Buy-Back and they may do so at one of the Tender Discounts or as a Final Price Tender. Acceptance of the off-market buy-back is at the discretion of the company (Rio Tinto) and AUSIEX will not be responsible for any losses incurred if an instruction is not received or processed.

This content is for information purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation to buy, sell, hold or participate in the RIO buy-back offer. No responsibility, or liability, is accepted by the Participant and its related entities for any inaccuracies contained in this notice.

Published: 11 October 2017